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          • 2022 July

            In July 2022, Ribo closed US$40M of Series E1 financing, co-invested by Panlin Capital, Trinity Innovation and a few other investors.

          • 2020 Sept

            In Sep. 2020, Ribo closed its 250M RMB Series C+ financing, co-invested by SDIC Fund, Legend Capital, China Venture Capital Fund, GL Ventures, Panlin Capital, Trinity Innovation, Hengxu Capital, Everest VC, Zhenghe Yuantong Capital, Yungong Jiajie Equity Investment, Co-way Capital, Qidi Rongchuang, Vast Capital, Blue Ocean Capital, Hongtao Capital, Shanghai Free Trade Zone Equity Fund Management, Kunshan Guoke VC, and Kunshan Hi-tech Venture Capital.

          • 2020 Mar

            In Mar. 2020, Ribo closed its 470M RMB Series C2 financing, led by China Venture Capital Fund, co-led by CICC Qide Fund and GL Ventures, and co-invested by Hengxu Capital, Everest VC, Sinopharm-CICC Capital, Co-way Capital, Shanghai Free Trade Zone Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd., and Hongtao Capital.

          • 2019 Dec

            In Dec. 2019, Ribo closed its 203M RMB Series C1 financing co-led by Panlin Capital and Trinity Innovation, and co-invested by Legend Capital, SDIC Fund, Vast Capital, Blue Ocean Capital, InnoSpring, Yungong Jiajie Equity Investment, and Co-way Capital.

          • 2017 Apr

            In Apr. 2017, Ribo closed its 270M RMB Series B financing led by SDIC Fund and co-invested by Legend Capital, GGV Capital, Panlin Capital, China Resources, Zhenghe Yuantong Capital, Qidi Rongchuang, InnoSpring, and Yungong Jiajie Equity Investment.

          • 2016 Jan

            In Jan. 2016, Ribo closed its 125M RMB Series A financing led by Legend Capital, and co-invested by GGV Capital, Panlin Capital, Kunshan RNAi Institute, and Legend Star.

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